Parish Boundary

Laytown Mornington Parish Boundary

The new Parish of Laytown-Mornington was established by Bishop John McCormack on 1st September 1986, when the Parish of St. Mary's Drogheda was divided creating three parishes (St. Mary's Drogheda, Holy Family Drogheda and Laytown-Mornington). The boundaries of our parish are determined by the line of the estuary, the coast itself and the railway line running from Laytown to Drogheda. More specifically, the inland western boundary at the level of the estuary is the Drogheda town boundary on the Marsh Road. West of the railway line all of the dwellings opening on to the Colpe Road (southern side) and the Piltown Road (as far as the Dublin-Drogheda road) are incorporated into the parish, as are the buildings on the Minnistown road north of the stream that flows between Tracey's and Wickham's.