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Reilig Mhuire

NOTE: Unfortunately, Cemetery Devotions can not take place during June this year due to Covid-19 restrictions in place. Mass will be offered for the happy repose of those buried in Reilig Mhuire and the graves will be blessed privately.

Please maintain a slow speed while driving in the cemetery. Ramps have been installed along the driveway between the old and new sections.

Reilig Mhuire (Piltown Road Cemetery) was opened in 1985. It was designed as a landscaped place of peace and respect. The surroundings are both consoling to the bereaved and provide a fitting place to be laid to rest in harmony with nature. The changing seasons are symbols of renewal, resurrection and eternal life.

As a people we have an unbroken tradition of care and respect at our places of burial. Stonemasons are encouraged to draw from the wealth of tradition evident in the Boyne Valley throughout the centuries. It was the wish of the architect who designed the cemetery that it was not the amount of stone that was used in the headstones, but rather the artistic skills used in their carving that was important.

The cemetery maintains its character because of the low height of the headstones. Headstones are constructed in limestone, granite, slate or black marble. 

In the old section of the cemetery the maximum height of the headstone from the ground is 35 inches. 
In the new section of the cemetery where the foundation for the headstone is already supplied, the maximum height of the headstone from the foundation (including any plinth) is 38 inches. 
The use of kerb surrounds in both the new and old section are not permitted. 
Placing seats or any item that is not within the boundary of your plot is not permitted and will be removed on the grounds of health and safety.

A copy of the rules for the cemetery can be downloaded by clicking on this icon. 

Monumental Work companies must show proof of insurance and complete and submit an application to the Cemetery Committee for prior approval. 
An Application form can be requested from the Parish Office, Parochial House, Laytown, Co. Meath or by downloading the form here.

Headstone Application Form

In recent years a large number of requests have been received from people outside of the parish who wish to purchase plots in Reilig Mhuire. Unfortunately, as the population of the parish has increased over the last number of years, plots are restricted to those who live within the Parish boundary.

For details of the parish boundaries, please visit the Parish Boundary page.


Reilig Mhuire ‎(Piltown Cemetery)‎

For those using Eircode, the cemetery can be found beside the GAA grounds A92 XP60