Sacred Heart Church - Laytown

Welcome to the website of the

Parish of Laytown-Mornington

in the Diocese of Meath.

Our Parish is situated along the Meath Gold Coast where it enjoys 5km of seaside and golden sand and a further 5km of beautiful scenery along the River Boyne and Boyne Estuary.

  We have an estimated population of 12,500 with the majority living in the census town of "Laytown-Bettystown-Mornington-Donacarney". The Parish is served by two churches

 Sacred Heart Church, Laytown


Star of the Sea Church, Mornington.

 Both churches have vibrant faith communities and welcome the many newcomers to the Parish who have settled here over the past number of years.

 Sacred Heart Church in Laytown was designed by the famous Irish architect Liam McCormick. It retains the gable wall of the original church but has a modern interior that overlooks the Irish Sea. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the Boyne Valley, the Church is an essential stop-off for holidaymakers who would like to see something a little different, and for those who are about to embark on the 'Ireland's Ancient East' trail. Leaving Laytown, about 1km south of the Church, one can see the tomb of Láeg son of Riangabar, the charioteer and constant companion of Cú Chulainn. The tomb was excavated in 1982, revealing two Iron Age burials. The Church is also close to the location at Bettystown beach where the exquisite 8th Century Tara Brooch was said to have been discovered in 1850. 

 Please join us for any of our Masses and community celebrations, or feel free to drop into either of our beautiful churches anytime to spend some time with the Lord.


Mass Times in Laytown:


Saturday Vigil



10am and 12 noon

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Tuesday and Thursday


Saturday Morning Mass


(Check weekly bulletin for variations)

Mornington Mass Times:

Saturday Vigil




Tuesday to Friday


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